the hippodrome show episode guide





29 09 1966
Merv Griffin, Liza Minnelli, Arthur Treacher, The Three Hermanis, Roberts Brothers' Elephants, The Rodriguez Troupe, Romford Drum and Trumpet Band, Peter Knight and his Orchestra.

06 10 1966
Bill Dana, Dusty Springfield, The Everly Brothers, Les Volants, El Gran Tominsko, The Molidor Trio, Rupperb Bears, Les Barios, Tony Hawes and The Central Band of The Royal Air Force.

13 10 1966
Woody Allen, Libby Morris, Freddie and The Dreamers, The Kessler Twins, Michael Allport and Jennifer, Dubsky's Football Dogs, The Flying Armors, Robert Bros. Boxing Kangaroos, The Trumpeters of Krieller Hall, Peter Knight and his Orchestra.

20 10 1966
Alan Sherman, Linda Bennett, The Zombies, The Herculeans, Alma Paia, Tagora, Moni The Elephant, The Three Ghezzis, The Band of The Grenadier Guards.

03 11 1966
Tony Randall, Shari Lewis, The Searchers, Bailey Fossett's Elephants with Ivor Rosaire, The Feller Boys and Dodo, Michelle & Michael, Derrieo Alzanas, Malika & Mills, The Band of H.M. Royal Marines (Portsmouth), Peter Knight and his Orchestra.

10 11 1966
Jimmy Dean, Anita Gilletle, The Joy Strings, Hugh Forgie & Company, The Benneweis Animals, Diane Shelton, The Flying Leotaris, The 73rd Company of The London Boy's Brigade, Peter Knight and his Orchestra.

17 11 1966
Trini Lopez, Enzo Stuarti, The Dave Clark Five, The Charlie Caroli Clowns, Richiardi Junior, Robert Brothers' Lions, Les Medinos, Peter Knight and his Orchestra.

24 11 1966
Eddie Albert, Nancy Sinatra, Paul and Barry Ryan, The Elwardos, Hoppe's Comedy Mule, Les Chabris, Mendez & Seitz, Peter Knight and his Orchestra.