the 625 show

  THE 625 SHOW


01 01 1963
The Three Bachelors, The Belltones, The Eagles, The Honeys, Zack Laurence, Gay Pursue, Verne Rogers and the Hi-Fi's, The Sunrays, Cas Turewicz
08 01 1963
Ann Emery, Harvey and Alexis, Johnnie, Mike, and the Shades, The Jolaes Puppets, Alan Kirby and his Jazzmen, Lilane, Sol Raye
15 01 1963
Flack and Lamar, Alexis Korner Blues Inc., The Manhattan Brothers, Ferenc Nyari Trio, Alan Randall, Linda Waltzer
22 01 1963
The Checkmates, Gerry Dorsey, Los Andinos, Debbie Lee, Betty Smith
29 01 1963
The Cresters, Phyllis Gillingham, Hansi and Carl, Jan and Kelly Heart, The Jeridale Three, Jock Morgan, Steve Perry
05 02 1963
The Brett Sisters, Christine Campbell, Rebecca Iverson, Ken Kirkham, Curtis Pierre and his Trinidad Steel Band, Wout Steenhuis, Bert Wratten
12 02 1963
The Four Ambassadors, The Healey Sisters, Houston Wells and The Marksmen, Maurice, French, and Joy, Alan Field
19 02 1963
The Don Taylor Five, The Peter Groves Trio, Laura Gray, Peter Gordeno, Elaine and Derek, Henrietta and Bernardi
26 02 1963
The Diana Dee Combo, The Dominoes, Joy Marshall, Wendy Nash, The Sion Hill Harpists, Cloda Rogers
05 03 1963
The Federals, The Jack and Jill Four, The Patton Brothers, Steve Perry, The Bachelors, Jackie Trent
12 03 1963
The Belltones, Ronnie Brewster, The Doble-Aires, Sally Green, Michael Powell, The Swinging Blue Jeans
19 03 1963
Jimmy Crawford and The Ravens, Annette Dorly and Ian Simmons, Kim Martyn, Grant Tracey and The Sunsets, Valtino and The Walker Twins
26 03 1963
Barry Barnett, Kevin Ross, The Ivel River Boys, Zack Laurence, Samantha Lee, Wout Steenhuis
02 04 1963
Ian Crawford and The Boomerangs, Don and Nichol, Gerry and The Pacemakers, The Magicords, Sherlie Young
09 04 1963
The Cadets, Yvonne Marsh, The Malcolm Price Trio, Unit Four, Tino Valdi
16 04 1963
The Beatles, Hank Locklin, Bobbi Carrol, Rolf and Tino, Wout Steenhuis
23 04 1963
The Batons, Ed Corrie's Jazz Band, The Garland Sisters, Gord Lightfoot, The O'Shea Harpists.
30 04 1963
Beryl Brydon, Jan Burnette, The Koalas, Alan Randall, Johnny Sandon and The Remo Four, Ricky Wilson and The Young Ones.
Sandon and The Remo Four, Ricky Wilson and The Young Ones.
07 05 1963
The Blue Notes Jazz Band, Gill and Terry, Hansi and Carl, The Joye Sisters, Dick Jordan, The Vikings.
14 05 1963
The Ivor Beynon Accordion Orchestra, The Blue Stars, Glenda Collins, The Reg Guest Trio, Jaskolino and Margaret, Val Tino and The Walker Twins.
21 05 1963
Joe Brown and the Bruvvers, The Folk Four, Shirley Jackson, The Esquires, Johnny Towers
28 05 1963
Lisa Ashwood, Alan Beale, The Echoes, Roddy McNeil, The Original Checkmates.
04 06 1963
The Embers, Paul Fox and Ann Fox, Melville James, Mary Martel, The Thames City Jazz Band, David Young
11 06 1963
Ed Corrie's Jazz Band, Frank Daniels, The Meteors, Cloda Rogers, Ray Stanley
18 06 1963
Eden Kane, The Cadets, Billy J. Kramer and The Dakotas, Janet Punter
09 07 1963
The Embers, Paul Fox and Ann, Melville James, Mary Martel, The Thames City Jazz Band, David Young
16 07 1963
The Gaybelles, Myrna Robertson, The Young Ones, Ray Fell, Terry Burton, The Peter Crawford Trio
23 07 1963
Mickie Most, Ralph and Barbara Tobert, Lesley Duncan, Jack Freedman, The Chariots.
30 07 1963
The Four Ramblers, Tamara Arnold and Paul Taylor, Julie Jones, Peter Fenton, Myrna Robertson
06 08 1963
Johnny Temple, Monya Winzer, Bertie Gaunt, Roy Douglas, Bern Elliott and the Fenmen.
13 08 1963
Tony Victor, Yvonne French, Davy Graham, Bettina and Bryce, Polly Perkins.
20 08 1963
The Viscounts, John Larsen, James Younger, Dorothy Baker, Teddy Foster and Julie Rolls.
27 08 1963
Liz Laurie, The Manton Brothers, Kay Kendrick, The Corbetts, Kay Garner, Val Doonican.
03 09 1963
Margaret Clarke, Johnny Hackett, Joy and Jennifer, Peter Maxwell, Betty Miller.
10 09 1963
The Bachelors, Bill Nile's Delta Jazzmen, The Redcaps, Peter Firmani, Sandra Chick, Linda Scott.
17 09 1963
The Wilf Todd Combe, The Blue Chords, Dorothy Dunne, The Foresters, Ian Hamilton and Julian Holloway, Tina Marshall.
24 09 1963
The Mike Cotton Jazzmen, Woody Allen and The Challengers, The Philip Douglas Trio, Annette and Jo,Lowell Gordon,Bobby Ritch.