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01 01 1972
14 04 1972
05 05 1972
16 06 1972
20 09 1972
24 11 1972

22 12 1972
16 02 1973

27 04 1973
15 06 1973

17 08 1973
Rod Steward and The Faces       
Chuck Berry 
12 10 1973
28 12 1973
01 02 1974
26 04 1974
28 06 1974
30 08 1974
22 11 1974
03 01 1975

07 03 1975
Wishbone Ash

09 05 1975

20 06 1975

22 08 1975
Jimmy Castor

03 10 1975

28 11 1975

06 02 1976
Barcley James Harvest "Child of the universe"
Gordon Lightfoot
Black Sabbath "Holy in the Sky"

02 04 1976
Earth, Wind and Fire
Kevin Coyne "Saviour","Eastborn Lady"
Bill Wyman (interview)

21 05 1976
Paul McCartney "Wings Life"
David Essex

16 07 1976
Kiss (interview)
Cockney Rebel

13 08 1976
Average White Band
Rick Wakeman

17 09 1976
29 10 1976
10 12 1976
29 01 1977
28 02 1977
25 03 1977
29 04 1977
10 06 1977

19 08 1977
Mr. Big "Feel like calling home"
Atlanta Rhythm Section "So into You"(Videoclip)
Peter Bishop & Munich Factory "Born to be free"
Etta Cameron "You gotta move"
10CC "Good morning, Judge"
Harpo "In the zum zum zummernight"
Ultravox "Young savage"
Ike & Tina Turner "NN"
Mr. Big "Hold me"

21 10 1977
Heavy Metal Kids "She's no angel"
Novalis "Wer Schmetterlinge lachen hört"
Terry Ward "Here goes my heart"
Eddie & The Hotrods "Do anything you want to do"
Steve Hillage "Not fade away"
Linda & The Funky Boys "Stop"

09 12 1977
Runaway "School days"
Bay City Rollers "Yesterday's hero" (Videoclip)
Bay City Rollers "You made me believe in magic"
Chris de Burgh "A spaceman came travelling"
Rainer Schöne Band "Nobody is perfect" (Videoclip)
Hoffmann & Hoffmann "Keiner weiß von unserer Liebe"
Barcley James Harvest "Hard hearted woman"
Runaway "Little sister"
Greg Lake "I believe in Father Christmas"

20 01 1978
Smokie "Needles and Pins"
Scorpions "In trance"
Robert Gordon "Red hot"
Maggie Mac Neal
The Babys "Isn't it time"
Hot Chocolate "Put your love in me"
Blondie "Kung Fu girl"
Blondie "Fun time"
Smokie "For a few dollars more"

17 02 1978
Sweet "California nights"
Leif Carrett "Runaround Sue"
Uriah Heep "Cheet and lie" 
Judy Cheeks "Mellow lovin'"
No Dice "Why sugar" "
Don McLean "Prime Time"
Queen "We are the champions"(Videoclip)
Sweet "Love is like oxygen"

17 03 1978
Motors "Dancing the night away" 
Rosetta Stone "If paradise is half as nice"
Lake "Letters of love" 
Caro "Give me the beat, boys" 
Thin Lizzy "Dancing in the moonlight"
Joan Armatrading "Show some emotion" (Videoclip)
John Paul Young "Love is in the air"
Tom Robinson Band "2-4-6-8 Motorway"

21 04 1978
Darts "Daddy cool" 
Gilly Mason "1000 Miles" 
XTC "Science friction" 
Iggy Pop "Sixteen" 
Chris Spedding  "Silver bullit" 
Suzy Quatro "If you can't give me love" 
Darts  "Come back my love"

19 05 1978
Dr. Feelgood "She's a wind-up"
Scott Fitzgerald & Yvonne Keeley "If I had words"
Gerry Rafferty "Bakerstreet" 
Kate Bush "Woothering Heights"
Trikkster "Listen to my music"
Boomtown Rats "She's so modern"
Chris de Burgh "Summer rain"
Dr. Feelgood "Baby Jane"

08 09 1978
Nick Lowe "I love the sound of breaking glass"
David Byron  "African Breath"
Electric Light Orchestra
Stranglers "Nice and sleazy"
Inga Rumpf "Jukebox palace"
Chris Spedding "Silver bullit"
Marshall-Hayn "Dancing in the city"
Bryan Ferry "Sign of the times"
Nick Lowe "Heart of the city"

06 10 1978
The Motors "Airport"
Patrick Gammon "Dancing Shoes"
Rosetta Stone "Sweet little Sheila"
Rosanne Cash "Baby, you better start turning him down"
Ramones "Surfin' bird"(Videoclip)
Japan "Automatic gun" 3'47"
Uriah Heep "Come back to me" 3'57"
The Motors "Forget about you" 2'41".

03 11 1978
Magazine "Short boy both sides"
Illusion "Madonna blue"
Franz K. "Rock in Scheessl"
Blondie "Picture this"
Wire "Practise makes you perfect"
Elkie Brooks "Stay with me"
Bernie Paul "Lucky"
10CC "Dreadlock holiday" (Videoclip)
Magazine "Recoil"

22 12 1978
Moon Martin "Hot Night in Dallas" 
Eddie Money "Two Tickets to Paradise"
Wayne County and The Electric Chairs "I had to much to dream last night"
Genya Ravan "Jerry's Pidgeon"
Charlie "No second chance" 
Charlie "She loves to be in love"
Barcley James Harvest "Lovin' is easy"
Sailor "Give me Shakespeare"
Moon Martin "Bad case of lovin' you"

29 12 1978
Status Quo "Accident prone"
Red Baron "That summer night"
Penetration "Live is a gamble"
Promises "Baby it's you"
Al Stewart "Valentina Way"
The Shirts "Tell me your plans"
Clout "You've got all of me"
Clout "Let it grow"
Status Quo "Long legged Linda"

19 01 1979
Scorpions "Lovedrive"
The Flys "Fun City"
Art Sullivan "Fan fan fan"
Vitesse "Out in the country"
Cityboy "Oh what a night"
Sally Oldfield "Mirrors"
Uriah Heep "One more night"
Yes "Don't catch the whale"(Videoclip)
Scorpions "Is there anybody?

16 02 1979
Boomtown Rats  "Like Clockwork"
The Ramblers  "The kids are back to Rock'n'Roll"
Bethnal  "Clown in the crowd"
The Police"Can't stand losing you"
Billy Joel "My live" (Videoclip)
Dire Straits  "Water of love"
Dire Straits "Sultans of swing"
Boomtown Rats  "Rat trap"

23 03 1979

11 05 1979
No Dice "Shooting in the dark"
The Doll "Desire me"
Munich "Raven"
The Sparks "La dolce vita"
Lene Lovich "Lucky number"
Darling "You're lookin' kind of Rock'n'Roll"
Ian Dury "Hit me with your rhythm stick"(Videoclip)
Promises "Let's get back together"
No Dice "Come dancing"

22 06 1979

10 08 1979
Motörhead "Overkill"
Wallenstein "Charline"
The Skids "Masquerade"
Sunday "Unser Kaiser"
The Damned "Love Song"
Noosha Fox "The heat is on"
Rocky Sharpe & the Replays "Imagination"
Boomtown Rats "I Don't like mondays"(Videoclip)
Motörhead "No class"

04 09 1979
Clout "Under fire"
Wreckless Eric "Hit and miss Judy"
Bogart "On Broadway"
Kiss "I was made for lovin' you"(Videoclip)
Voyager "Halfway Hotel"
Tame and Maffay "All we need"
Tame and Maffay "Stop feeling blue"
Tubeway Army "Are friends electric?"
Racey "Boy oh boy"

12 10 1979
Thin Lizzy "Waiting for an alibi"
La Düsseldorf "Rheinita"
City Boy "When the earth caught fire"(Videoclip)
Slits "Spend, spend, spend"
Flying Lizzard "Money"
Sally Oldfield "You set my gypsy blood free"
Tim Curry "I do the rock"(Videoclip)
Teens "Red light"
Thin Lizzy "Do anything you want do"

16 11 1979
Boomtown Rats "Keep it up"
Hermann Brood "I love you like I love myself"
Flash and the Pan "Down among the dead man"(Videoclip)
Voyager "Total amnesia"
Smokie "Little Lucy"
Smokie "Baby it's up to you"
Pam Nestor "Hiding and seeking no more"
Status Quo "Whatever you want"  (Videoclip)
Boomtown Rats "Diamond smiles"