popzien episode guide


Infos mostly coming from Richard Groothuizen

03 06 1972
Led Zeppelin immigrant song (live amsterdam)
Topaz goldy locks
Topaz william's smile
Dizzy mann's band eleanor rigby
Dizzy mann's band jumbo
Strawbs tomorrow
Strawbs grave new world
Cats let's dance

01 07 1972
Dizzy mann's band jumbo
Peter En Zijn Rockets de wolf
Tee Set mary mary
Tee Set shotguns
Argent pure love
Ekseption my son

29 07 1972
Mayfly blue sofa
Mayfly there she goes
Eagles take it easy (on film)
Kjoe troubles
Bolland & Bolland wait for the sun
Bolland & Bolland answer for the lifetime
Cuby & Blizzards appelknocker's flophouse (on film)
Harry Muskee, Eelco Gelling, Rob Hoeke studiosessie

26 08 1972
George Baker Selection bamboozle song
George Baker Selection little green bag
George Baker Selection i'm on my way
Dizzy mann's band jumbo
Alexander Curly i'll never drink again
Hobo String Band drunken sailor
Hobo String Band rattle snake joe
Mouth & McNeal it's great fun

23 09 1972
Osmonds one bad apple
Rod Stewart & Faces stay with me (on film)
Rod Stewart & Faces bring it all back home (on film)
Rod Stewart & Facesi know i'm losing you (on film)
Rod Stewart & Faces maggie may(on film)
Hawkwind silver machine

27 10 1972
Long Tall Ernie & The Shakers ride little amy
Long Tall Ernie & The Shakers kiss me baby
Peter En Zijn Rockets lonnie
Greenfield & Cook melody
Kayak mammoth
Ekseption my son
Arthur Lee & Vindicator everybody's gotta live (on film)
Dizzy man's band shocking
Carl Perkins blue suede shoes

24 11 1972
Sympathy music music music
Wally Tax interview
Bamboulee crown of creation
Bamboulee people talking about
Mike Softley the hard times
Climax Chicago mole on the dole
Astrid Anderson i really don't know
Bolland & Bolland florida
Earth & Fire memories
Alice Cooper elected (on film)
Doobie Brothers rocking down the higway (on film)

22 12 1972
Bonnie St Claire & Unit Gloria clap your hands and stamp your feet
Armand de oorlog woedt in jezelf
George Baker Selection marie jeanne
Jeremy jeremy
Strawbs lay down
Tee Set mary mary
Peter Bewley hello

19 01 1973
John Russel you can always get another wife
Donna Hightower if you hold my hand
Ijf Blokker waar moet dat heen
Flashback let's do it together
Dirk Van Der Ploeg so long day my day
Janey & The Marlets schoolgirl notion
Beach Boys sail on sailor (on film)
Smoke sugarman
George Riley micky mouse
Jen Rog so long ago
Which Way clapping song
George Baker Selection marie jeanne
Geordie don't do that
Chicago dialogue (on film)

16 02 1973
BZN rolling around the band
Ben Steneker i use to love
Double Dutch turn it
Tony Ronald lonely lady
Unicorn all we really want to do
Flying Burrito Brothers devil in disguise
Tielman Brothers rock and roll is in
Jigsaw iene miene mutte
Jigsaw japie
Greenfield & Cook don't turn me loose
Daisy dynamite botch a me
Amsterdam don't be down

16 03 1973
Livin' Blues hootchie coochie man
Livin' Blues shady girl shady girl
Country Gazette don't let your deal go down
Country Gazette tried so hard
Country Gazette falling eagle
Country Gazette keep on pushing
Country Gazette orange blossom special
Slade goodbye to jane
Slade move over baby
Slade cum on feel the noise
Slade get down and get with it
Eagles witchy woman
Eagles take it easy
Eagles train leaves here this morning
Rod Stewart & The Faces angel
Rod Stewart & The Faces you wear it well
Rod Stewart & The Faces maggie may
Rod Stewart & The Faces twisting the night away
Supersister pudding en gisteren
Colin Blunstone i don't believe in miracles
Colin Blunstone she's not there
Colin Blunstone looking for someone to love
Argent hold your head up
Kaz Lux maybelle
Kaz Lux reason to believe
Kaz Lux between alpha & omega
Gary Glitter honey honey
Gary Glitter baby please don't go
Gary Glitter do you wanna touch me
Gary Glitter rock and roll
Chi Coltrane feeling good
Chi Coltrane thunder and lightning
Rory Gallagher tell me what in the world i'm gonna do
Rory Gallagher laundromat
Ry Cooder roosevelt in trinidad
Ry Cooder diddy wah diddy
Ry Cooder dark is the night
Ry Cooder floating bridge
Who pinball wizard
Who won't get fool again
Who my generation
Who see me feel me

13 04 1973
Argent rosie
Mud crazy
Guy Fletcher turn me
Jackson heights maureen
Wild Turkey good old days
Free & easy your book
Rob Hoeke getting higher
Andre Groote  raar maar waar cantate
Walkers i adore her
Spencer Davis Group catch me on the rebop
Daniel Boone sunshine lover
Apollo 100 besame mucho
Teddy Lane do the rock and roll
Shocking Blue oh lord

11 05 1973
Chi Coltrane go like elijah
Slade keep on rocking
Colin Blunstone andorra
Rod Argent keep on rollin man
Ry Cooder traveling man
Who summertime blues
Rod Stewart & Faces cindy incidentally

08 06 1973
Shaking Stevens & The Sunset honey honey
Shocking Blue oh lord
Paul Simon loves me like a rock
Long Tall Ernie & The Shakers turn your radio on
Lynsey De Paul all night
Smyle tandem
Buffons arizona
Barry Blue dancing on a saturday night
Harvey Andrews & Graham Coopers friends of mine
Abba ring ring
Neil Christian that's nice
Cats let's go together
Rudy Bennet wheel of life
Sutherland Brothers & Quiver you got me anyway

06 07 1973
Flying Burrito Brothers six days on the road
Flying Burrito Brothers white line fever
Flying Burrito Brothers four days of rain
Flying Burrito Brotherstried so hard
Flying Burrito Brothers why are you crying
Flying Burrito Brothers colorado
Flying Burrito Brothers orange blossom special
Country Gazette keep on pushing
Country Gazette sally couldn't
Country Gazette foreign eagle
Country Gazette swing low
Country Gazette rawhide

31 07 1973
Slade goodbye to jane
Slade get down and get with it
Slade cum on feel the noise
Slade keep on rocking

03 08 1973
Colin Blunstone i want some more
Ry Cooder liquor store
Ry Cooder billy the kid
Rory Gallagher hands of
Eagles tequila sunrise
Eagles witchy woman
Rod Stewart & Faces you wear it well
Rod Stewart & Faces maggie may
Country Gazette hot burrito breakdown
Country Gazette keep on pushing
Who see me feel me

31 08 1973
Harvey Andrews & Graham Coopers sandy oh sandy
Harvey Andrews & Graham Coopers giftola brand new day
Harvey Andrews & Graham Coopers unaccompanied
Harvey Andrews & Graham Coopers headlines
Harvey Andrews & Graham Coopers friends of mine
Harvey Andrews & Graham Coopers down so long it looks
Harvey Andrews & Graham Coopers for my father
Harvey Andrews & Graham Coopers whiskey jag
Harvey Andrews & Graham Coopers otter song
Shakin' Stevens & The Sunset cell block n4
Shakin' Stevens & The Sunset sweet little 16
Shakin' Stevens & The Sunset one nite
Shakin' Stevens & The Sunset holy moly
Shakin' Stevens & The Sunset tallahassee lassie
Shakin' Stevens & The Sunset honey honey

23 09 1973
Greenfield & Cook beautiful children
Heart hang on
Go Go beautiful you
Teddy Lane bye bye love
Mayfly quite a surprise
Dimitri Van Toren een lied alleen voor kinderen
George Riley in the night
BZN sweet silver annie
Bojoura what is love
Bolland & Bolland leaving tomorrow
Cats maribaja
Rob De Nijs dag zuster ursula
George Baker Selection drink drink drink