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23 02 1976
Hank the Knife and the Jets: Stan, the Gunman
Juliane Werding: Wenn du denkst, du denkst, dann denkst du nur, du denkst
Spooky and Sue: Swinging on a Star
Volker Lechtenbrink: Der Macher
Raphaela Nöcker: Gruß und Kuss, dein Julius (Helgas Plattentip)
Earth and Fire: Thanks for the Love
Bernd Clüver: Ein fremdes Mädchen
Gitte: Lass mich heute nicht allein
Glitter Band: Painted Lady

31 05 1976
Long Tall Ernie and the Shakers: Operator, Operator, get me a Line
Tina Charles: I love to love
Roy Black: Liebe, wie sie dir gefällt
Hot Chocolate: Don´t stop it now
Nina Martin: Computermann
Dizzi Man‘s Band: Turkey, Turkey
Udo Lindenberg: Johnny Controlletti (engl. Version)
Su Kramer: Hier ist das Leben
Groupie‘s Delite and the Sandwich Band: Alley Hoop

20 09 1976
Boney M.: Daddy Cool
Gilbert O´Sullivan: Our own Baby
Freddy Breck: Weißer Flieder
Fogg: Captain Moonshine
Gilly Mason: Let me get to love you
Achim Reichel: Drunken Sailor
Julien Clerc: This Melody
Esther Galil: Killer
Freya: Du bist wie das Meer
Showaddywaddy: Rock ´n Roll Lady

06 12 1976
Can: I want more
Drupi: Aiutami
Spooky & Sue: You got what it takes
Jürgen Drews: Es ist kalt in meinem Zimmer
Heart: Magic Man
Mud: Nite of the Tiles
Mary Roos: Macht doch auf, lasst mich rein
Anita Meyer: Just a Disillusion
Slik: Don´t take your Love away

24 01 1977
Okko, Lonzo, Berry, Chris & Django: Jane
Jack Jersey: Blue brown-eyed Girl
Gilly Mason: Another Woman
Smokie: Living next Door to Alice
Gilbert O´Sullivan: To each his Own
Michael Holm: Manhattan
Elke Best: Die Babies krieg immer noch ich
Pasadena Roof Orchestra: Singing in the Rain
Jesse Green: Flip
Champagne: Rock ´n Roll Star

21 02 1977
Burlesque: Accupuncture
Juliane Werding: Da staunste, was?
Roy Allison: White Stockings
Rosy & Andres: My Love
Cliff Richard: My kinda Life
Abigail Browne: Guava Jelly
Roberto Blanco: Baby, komm und tanz
Udo Lindenberg: Sister King Kong
Gianna Nannini: Fantasia
Mungo Jerry: All that a Woman should be

23 05 1977
Trinidad Oil: Januari Februari (The Calendar Song)
Su Kramer: Las Vegas
King´s Singers: Don´t get around much any more
Houseband: Dancing Shoes
Dana: Fairytale
Chris Roberts: Liebe ist gar nicht so schwer
Rolf: Meine kleine Melodie (Helga´s Plattentip)
Guys ´n Dolls: You are my World
Golden Gate Quartett: Schwarzbraun ist die Haselnuss
Shirley: It´s me
The Pipes and Drums of the 2nd Batallion of the Royal Irish Rangers

23 08 1977
Flying Saucers: Keep on coming
Siw Inger: Warum kann ich nicht die andere sein?
Kevin Johnson: Rock ´n Roll (I gave you all the best Years of my Life)
Cindy und Bert: Rosen aus Rhodos
Hot Chocolate: So you win again
Freya & Bernd Wippich: Schlaf, mein Kind
Chanter Sisters: Dance dance
Lucifer: Selfpity
Disco Fritz and his Sauerkrauts: Das Jodel-Ding

25 10 1977
Duesenberg: Masquerade oder California
Long Tall Ernie & the Shakers: Do you remember
Nina Martin: Als er noch Thomas Berger hieß oder I need Love tonight
John Miles: Slow down
Achim Reichel
Mary Roos
Alessi Brothers: Oh Lori
Santa Esmeralda: Don´t let me be misunderstood
Bata Illic

06 12 1977
Normaal: Alie
Dianne Marchall: Speed Trap
Cliff Richard: My kinda Life (Wdh. aus Folge 6)
Caro: You´re the Reason
Udo Lindenberg: Riki Masorati
The Dubliners: Spanish Lady
Jürgen Drews: Unnahbarer Engel
Lucio Battisti: Amarsi un po
Sheila B. Devotion: Love me Baby
Okko, Lonzo, Berry, Chris & Timpe: Ein Weihnachts-Medley (Stille Nacht, White Christmas und Leise rieselt der Schnee)

26 08 1978
The Darts: Come back my Love
Volker Lechtenbrink: Hitch Hike Baby
Elton Motello: Jet Boy, Jet Girl (die engl. Originalversion von "Ca Plane pour moi")
Barbara Valentin & Peter Kern: Wenn die Kornblumen blüh´n
Lonnie Donegan: Rock Island Line
Jose y los Reyes: Lailola (span. Version des Donatella-Hits)
Chi Coltrane: Ooh Baby
Gruppo Sportivo: Rock & Roll
Thembi: Love me forever

23 09 1978
Helga und Frank haben im Lotto gewonnen.
Marianne Rosenberg
Su Kramer: Nachts in Manhattan (dt. Version von Frankie Valli´s "Grease")
Hot Chocolate: Every 1´s a Winner
Earth & Fire: 78th Avenue
John Miles
Mike Batt: Caravans
Gianna Nannini
Richard Myhill: It takes two to Tango
Groupies Delite: Rudy Gorilla

21 10 1978
Can: Can Can
Udo Lindenberg: Salty Dog
Judy Cheeks: Mellow lovin´
Michael Cretu: Wild River

18 11 1978
Abdul Hassan Orchestra: Arabian Affair
Lindisfarne: Run for Home oder Juke Box Gypsy
The Kinks: Father Christmas
Dee Dee: I put a Spell on you
Dire Straits: Sultans of Swing
Gitte: Von Hollywood träumen
Dirty Dogs: Rock ´n Roll Teacher
Renée: Sweet Nothings
Supermax: Love Machine
No Dice: Why Sugar

13 03 1979
Pasadena Roof Orchestra: Pennies from Heaven
Gianni Bella: No oder Toc Toc
Rainbow Train: Another Band
Jürgen Drews: Du schaffst mich
Liquid Gold: Anyway you do it
Frank Mills: Music Box Dancer
Red Baron: That Summernight
Roxy Music: Trash
Boney M.: Hooray! Hooray! It´s a Holi-Holiday!

10 04 1979
Triumvirat: Waterfall
Racey: Lay your Love on me
Snoopy: No Time for a Tango
Promises: Baby it´s you

15 05 1979
Antonello Venditti: Bomba o non Bomba
Promises: Let´s get back together
Eyes on Fire: Mama don´t know
Dr. Feelgood: Milk and Alcohol
Pointer Sisters: Fire
Pamala Stanley: This is hot
Tjens Couter: Honeybee
Luv: Trojan Horse
Stefan Waggershausen: Café Royal
Blondie: Heart of Glass

19 06 1979
Rudolf Rock & die Schocker: Dieter
Patrick Hernandez: Born to be alive
Ulla Meinecke
Lene Lovich: Lucky Number
Loredana Berté
Scorpions: Is there anybody there
Art Sullivan
Roxy Music: Dance away
Rachel Sweet: I go to Pieces
Magnet + Steel: Boogie Woogie Dixieband
Pasadena Roof Orchestra

17 07 1979
Bram Tchaikovsky: Robber
Alex: Rock Machine
Lou and the Hollywood Bananas: Kingston, Kingston
Achim Reichel: Heiße Scheibe
BZN: Oh me, oh my
Munich: Music is my Destiny
Them: Hamburg Connection
Jane Palmer: (Out on) Thunder Island
La Düsseldorf: Rheinita oder Viva
Oliver Onions: Six Ways

07 08 1979
Drafi Deutscher: Medley aus "Shake Hands" und "Marmor, Stein und Eisen bricht"
Duncan Brown: American Heartbeat
M: Pop Muzik
Emily Woods: Venus
Snowball: Move to the Music
Hollies: Harlequin
Serge Gainsbourg: Aux armes et caetera
Okko, Lonzo, Chris, Berry & Timpe: Atemlos
Richard Myhill: She can Can-Can
Adriano Celentano: Soli
Race: Just a Joke

04 03 1980
Triumvirat: Party Life
Cambridge Buskers
Dollar: I want to hold your Hand
Boomtown Rats: Someone´s looking at you
Earth & Fire: Weekend oder Fire of Love
Mike Batt: Lady of the Dawn
Gianna Nannini: America
Jane Palmer: I wanna dance with you
Zeltinger Band
Rex Gildo: La Bandita
Racey: Such a Night

01 04 1980
Rachel Sweet: Baby let´s play House
Kelly Family: David´s Song (Who´ll come with me)
Suzi Quatro: Mama´s Boy
Renato Zero: Il Carrozzone
Madness: My Girl
Ellen Foley: What´s the Matter, Baby
The Searchers: Hearts in her Eyes
Bernhard Brink: Ich wär so gern wie du
The Doll: Cinderella with a husky Voice
Keith Foote: Freedom Street
Peter Cornelius: Der Kaffee ist fertig

22 04 1980
Amanda Lear: Diamonds
The Veterans: There ain´t no Age for Rock ´n Roll
GLS United: Rappers Deutsch
Herman Brood & his wild Romance: Hot Shot
Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich: In the Coven
Sister Sledge: Got to love somebody
Katja Ebstein: Theater
Steve & Lee: Iceberg

13 05 1980
Blonde on Blonde: The Letter
Volker Lechtenbrink: Leben, so wie ich es mag
The Buggles: Clean, clean
Jennifer Kemp: Hier kommt die Nacht
Tourists: So good to be back Home
Zaine Griff: Tonight
Godley & Creme: An Englishman in New York
Lonzo: Dinosaurier
Gibson Brothers: Better do it Salsa
Liquid Gold: Dance yourself dizzy

03 06 1980
Miguel Bose: Olympic Games
Hot Chocolate: No Doubt about it
Passport: Uptown Rendezvous
The Stripes: Ecstasy
Suzanne Klee: Wenn du nicht weißt, wohin
Marius Müller-Westernhagen: Lady
Dolly Dots: We believe in Love
Judie Tzuke: Understanding
Richie Hale & The Stormers: Punk Ski
Portsmouth Sinfonia: Apache

10 07 1980
Sydne Rome: Barbecue Ball
Elton John: Chasing the Crown
Sydne Rome: Ha Ha said the Clown
Elton John: Little Jeannie
Sydne Rome: Milky Way
Sydne Rome: For you
Elton John: Sartorial Eloquence (Don´t you wanna play this Game no more)
Sydne Rome: Barefoot Blues
Sydne Rome: When it comes to you
Elton John: Song for Guy

05 08 1980
Highway: No Name, no Number
Jürgen Drews: Dein Gesicht
Umberto Tozzi: Stella stai
Demis Roussos: I need you oder San Pedro´s Children
Su Kramer: Butterfly-Ball
Alberto Fortis: La Sedia di Lilla
Elephant: Love Planes
Manuela: Schuld war nur der Bossa Nova
Elton John: Song for Guy und Little Jeannie