old grey whistle test 1983 episode guide





08 04 1983
(concert in The Westfallenhalle, Dortmund for West German Television on 29th Jan 1983)
A Flock Of Seagulls - I ran
A Flock Of Seagulls - Wishing
A Flock Of Seagulls - Talking
Tom Petty - You got lucky
Tom Petty - Change of heart
Tom Petty - Breakdown
Tom Petty - Refugee

15 04 1983
(highlights from a concert in The Westfallenhalle, Dortmund for West German Television on 29th Jan 1983)
Gary Moore -
REO Speedwagon -

22 04 1983
Big Country - Close action (Studio)
Big Country - A thousand stars (Studio)
Pale Fountains - Palm of my heart (Studio)
Pale Fountains - Hey there fred (Studio)
Pale Fountains - Free (Wanna be free) (Studio)
Neil Young - Computer age
Neil Young - Hypothetical prophets
Neil Young - Person to person
Pink Floyd - Not now John

29 04 1983
Spandau Ballet - Code of love (Studio)
Spandau Ballet - Foundation (Studio)
Spandau Ballet - Gold (Studio)
Laudon Wainwright III - I donít think your wife loves me (Studio)
Joni Mitchell - Chinese cafe (Video)
Greg Kihn - Jeopardy (Video)
Robert Palmer - Pride (Video)
Robert Wyatt - Shipbuilding (Video)

06 05 1983
Fun Boy Three in concert

13 05 1983
Aztec Camera - Walk out to winter (Studio)
Aztec Camera - Back on board (Studio)
Annabel Lamb - Missing (Studio)
Annabel Lamb - Heartlands (Studio)
Police - Every breath you take (Video)
Muddy Waters - Hooctchie Kootchie man (Video)
Little Stephen & The Disciples Of Soul - Forever (Video)

20 05 1983
Marillion - Forgotten sons (Studio)
Wah! - Remember (Studio)
Wah! - I know there was something (Studio)
Meat Loaf (Interview)
Meat Loaf - Dead ringer for love (Feature film)
Meat Loaf - Bat out of hell (Feature film)
Meat Loaf -If you really want to (Video)
Heaven 17 - Let me go (Video)

27 05 1983
Waterboys - I will not follow (Studio)
Waterboys - The three day man (Studio)
Eurythmics - This city never sleeps (Studio)
Eurythmics - The walk (Studio)
Elton John - Iím still standing (Video)
Elton John - I guess thatís why they call it the blues (Video)
Steve Miller - Gangster of love (Video)
Neil Young - Sample and hold (Video)
David Bowie - China girl (Video)

03 06 1983
Roman Holliday - Motormania (Studio)
Roman Holliday - No ball games (Studio)
Robert Wyatt - Shipbuilding (Studio)
Robert Wyatt - Born again cretin (Studio)
Chris Sievey - Camouflage (CD Demo)
Pete Shelley - Millions of people (CD Demo)
Def Leppard - Rock of ages
ZZ Top - Gimme all your loviní
Bob Seger - Even now
Donald Fagen - New fronter

19 06 1983
Wembley concert
Joni Mitchell

18 09 1983
Fun Boy Three special
Fun Boy Three - Gangsters (Studio)
Fun Boy Three - Going home (Studio)
Fun Boy Three - Things we do (Studio)
Fun Boy Three - Summertime (Studio)
Fun Boy Three - Alibi (Studio)
Fun Boy Three - Our lips are sealed (Studio)
Fun Boy Three - Tunnel of love (Studio)
Fun Boy Three - Weíre having all the fun (Studio)
Fun Boy Three - It ainít what you do , itís the weay that you do it (Studio)