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13 05 1977
Shirley Strachan interview,Skyhooks 'Party to End All Parties' video clip,Garth Porter & Harvey James from Sherbert interview,Ike & Tina Turner 'Only Women Bleed' and Don Kirschner's live performance,Air Supply 'Love & Other Bruises' live performance Melbourne Myer Music Bowl, Rod Stewart 'I Don't Want to Talk About It' live performance Melbourne Myer Music Bowl,Frankie Valli & The 4 Seasons 'We Can Work it Out',Album Review Chris Maxwell,Video clip Emersen Lake & Palmer ,Beeb Birtles & Glen Shorrock Litttle River Band (LRB) interview,LRB 'Sweet Old Fashioned Man', 'Days on The Road', 'Every Day of My Life' live performance NM studio,Beeb & Glen Shorrock interview,LRB live performance 'It's a Long Way There'. The rest of the episode includes clips by Roxy Music, Dr Hook, ELO, George Benson and Johnny Winter.
20 05 1977
Fleetwood Mac video clip,Maxine Nightingale live performance location Don Kirschner,Black Sabbath live performance Don Kirschner,Album Review,The Beatles,John Travolta video clip,Jon English I/V ,Jon English video clip,Dragon 'Get That Jive' video clip,I/V Phil Manzanera,Split Enz live performance in NM studio 'Lovey Dovey',I/V Manzanera & John Whetton Chris Spedding Roxy Music. The remainder of the episode includes clips by Chuck Berry, Rod Stewart, Fleetwood Mac and Genesis.
24 05 1977
The Beatles 'Back in The USSR' film clip,Linda Ronstadt 'When Will I Be Loved' live at Don Kirschner and video clip,Album Review Neil Young + others,Mal Logan & Barry Sullivan interview,Renee Geyer Special with live performance of 'Mans World' plus others possible NM concert.
03 06 1977
 Rod Stewart live performance recorded at Melbourne Myer Music Bowl,Bonnie Raitt 'Runaway' live performance location? Well shot,Mother Goose interview about their act ,Mother Goose 'Baked Beans' video clip,Roger Daltry 'Bad boys' video clip,Joe Walsh 'Rocky Mountain Way' live performance,Album Review with Peter Grace (Linda Ronstadt, Marvin Gaye Live album, Yes, Carole Bayer Sager),Carole Bayer Sager 'You're Moving Out Today' video clip,11. Peter Allen 'Tenterfield Saddler' live performance,Rolling Stones Special: Stills montage, performances as video clips?,Emerson Lake & Palmer 'Fanfare for the Common Man' Live at Montreal Stadium for Winter Olympics (video clip),Renee Geyer (23yrs old) interview,Renee Geyer 'Stares & Whispers' video clip,Renee Geyer interview continued regarding her tour,Weather Report live performance (location unknown) Cuts out
10 06 1977
Fleetwood Mac video clips,Rufus (Chaka Kahn) live performance,Jethro Tull 2 songs: o/s live performances & video clip,ELO (Electric Light Orchestra) 'Evil Woman', 'Do You Want My Love' live performance, smoke machine, no audience. Possibly NM studio??,Joe Cocker: 'Cry Me A River', 'The Letter' live from the Mad Dogs & Englishmen Tour description,The Average White Band live at Don Kirschner's Rock Concert. 2 songs,Billy T interview (Russell Smith and Ross Hannaford),'Gotta Keep On Dancing' video clip.
24 06 1977
08 07 1977
Peter Frampton 'I'm In You' video clip,Maxine Nightingale live performance recording possible NM. 2 songs,Steve Miller Band 'Fly Like An Eagle' video clip, 'Jetairliner' studio performance for video clip?,Gig guide & album Review Greg Allman, Windchase, Poussart-Dourt Band, Barry Mannilow live album, Roger Daltry,Roger Daltry video clip,Boz Scaggs 'Lido Shuffle' video clip (include cuts form live perf), 'What Can I Say' live performance location?, I/V Jo Cocker (33yrs old) at Sydney Airport on Aus tour,Kevin Borich '10 Years On The Road' live performance, possible NM? - cuts out,Michael Nesmith 'Rio' video clip,Supertramp 'Lady' and 'Give A Little Bit' live performance location?,Alice Cooper 'No More Loving..' video clip,Van Morrison Special 'Gloria' and 6 tracks live,Cheech & Chong 'Basketball Jones',The Eagles 'James Dean' cuts out.
15 07 1977
Leo Sayer Special (cuts in),Leo Sayer special continued,Leo Sayer 'Let It Be' NM Studio live??,Joan Armatrading 'Love & Affection' live performance,Finger Picking Guitarists interview with Stephen Grossman & Doug Baker,Windchase video clip,Weather Report, live performance, shot in studio Don Kirschner signage,Marshall Tucker Band 'Long Hard Road' video clip.
22 07 1977
ELO from 3rd album - video clip of live performance 'Mamma Mamma' and 'Dreaming',Dragon 'Sunshine' video clip, Air Supply 'Do What You Do' video clip,The Ferrets 'Don't Fall In Love' video clip,Darrell Hall & John Oates 'Back Together Again' live performance,Linda Ronstadt 'Hey Good Looking' live Don Kirschners Rock Concert signage 'Hasten Down The Wind' video clip,Chris Maxwell album reviews Les Dudek, The Best of Steve Miller, Dr. Feelgood 4th Album, Hush, Jimmy Buffett 6th album,Jimmy Buffett 'Margaritaville' live performance for video clip,Gallagher & Lyle 'I Wear My Heart on My Sleeve' live performance and 'I Want to Stay With You' live performance,Lee chats to Michael Gudinski about his 3 week tour around the world. Talked about meeting with Peter Gabriel, Supercharged, Split Enz, Steel Ice Band, Little River Band,Atlanta Rythym Section Live Performance. NM gig?,Leo Sayer Special (cuts in),Leo Sayer special continued ,Leo Sayer 'Let It Be' NM Studio live??,Joan Armatrading 'Love & Affection' live performance ,Finger Picking Guitarists interview Stefan Grossman & Duck Baker,Windchase video clip,Weather Report, live performance, shot in studio Don Kirschner signage,Marshall Tucker Band 'Long Hard Road' video clip.
27 07 1977
Michael Gudinski interviews Stevie Winwood,Traffic live performance,Santana live at Rockarena,Al Jarreau 'You Don't See Me' from live album,Daniel 'Two Wrongs Don't Make A Right' live performance NM studio?,The Tubes video clip.
02 09 1977
David Bowie 'Fame',Rod Stewart live Melbourne Myer Music Bowl 'I Don't Want to Talk About It',Album Review Chris Maxwell Doobie Brothers, Marcia Hines, Firefall,Firefall recorded live in Texas,Natalie Cole 'Mister Melody' live location?,Ike & Tina Turner Don Kirschner Rock Concert signage,Paul McCartney Special / The Beatles include live performances, video clips and stills,Richard Clapton I/V, Richard Clapton 'Suit Yourself' video clip,Be Bop Deluxe video clips ,The Brothers Johnson filmed studio recording.
16 09 1977
Rita Coolidge 'Higher & Higher',Janis Ian 'Miracle Row',John Lennon 'Stand By Me' and 'Slippin' and Sliding',Lee with Scandal,Bette Midler,Album Review includes Jack Bruce Band,Glyn Mason live performance in studio and interview,Lee Simon and Peter Harding Big Ears, Billy Joel Piano Man live performance,Billy Joel 'Say Goodbye to Hollywood' live performance ,Billy Joel 'Captain Jack' live performance,Carol and Colin Carol Lloyd Band interview,Carol Lloyd band live performance Uni of Qld 'I Got The Music In Me',Frankie Miller 'Take Good Care Of Yourself' live performance - location unknown.
23 09 1977
30 09 1977
21 10 1977
Mother Goose live at Nightmoves concert with 6 various tracks,Lee - Blooper opening,Frankie Miller 'Fooled Around & Fell In Love' video clip,Graham Bonnet 'Baby Blue' live performance NM studio?,Ferrets live Nightmoves performance,track & everyone up on stage dancing,Interview Billy Miller & Dave Springfield from the band,Ferrets 'Dreams Of A Love' Nightmoves concert live performance.
11 11 1977
25 11 1977
Harry Nilsson 'A Touch Of Schmillson in the Night' live performance with orchestra,2 songs,Rod Stewart - phone interview,Rod Stewart 'Hot Legs' video clip,Randy Newman 'Short People' from Little Criminals album in recording booth - the making of footage,John Denver 'Leaving on A Jet Plane' live performance location?, Chris Maxwell Album Review Bon Berger, Kevin Borich 2nd album, Alice Cooper live album, 10CC and the Santana live album,Santana Live at Rock Arena 'She's Not There', Michael Gudinski interviews Phil Collins in London about Peter Gabriel leaving band, auditions, Punk/New Wave opinions, Steve Hackett leaving band and filming of mixing in Trident Studios London
02 12 1977
Linda Ronstadt 'Blue Bayou' and 'Its So Easy' recorded live by Nightmoves overseas performance,Skyhooks tapes, Ol' 55,Phil Manning interview, Phil Manning 'When A Man Loves A Woman' NM studio performance?,Deborah Harry interview about New Wave,Blondie 'You Know Her' live performance location unknown,Foreigner 'Cold As Ice' and 'Feels Like the First Time' video clip, Made in Heaven Jeans,Graham Parker & The Rumor 'New York Shuffle' and 'Lord Don't Ask Me Questions' live performance NM?,Mother Goose Nightmoving Live 'Chatanooga Choo Choo'.
09 12 1977
Split Enz 'Charlie' live performance location?,Michael Gudinski interviews Donovan,Donovan video clip,Ol' 55 'Stay' video clip,Stylus 'Kissing' video clip,The Ferrets 'Bye Bye Baby' live at Nightmoves Concert,Album Review Renee Geyer, America live album, David Bowie, Neil Young ,Neil Young 'Like a Hurricane' live performance location?
16 12 1977
03 02 1978
David Bromberg live performance unknown - followed by description. 'Being Your Fool' (Will Not Be Your Fool?) performance.
24 02 1978
Nightmoves which includes Finch 'Where Were You?', a Rush video clip and a clip of Santana live at Rockarena
03 03 1978
10 03 1978
Ian Dury, Steve Martin, Southside Johnny and Jethro Tull.
17 03 1978
It may include Bob Marley.
14 04 1978
Glen Shorrock interview,The Little River Band 'Shut Down Turn Off' video clip,Foreigner interview (just off Festival Hall Melb stage) Mick Jones, Lou Gramm,Foreigner 'Cold As Ice' video clip,Bette Midler live performances (Nightmoving?),Warren Zevon video clip,Eric Burdon video clip ,Styx video clip,Nightmoves End rolling credits,Live performance: Renee Geyer, duet with Leo Castro (?) seated auditorium, crowd shots, 3 songs.
28 04 1978
James Taylor, Ray Burton, album review of Cold Chisel, interview with Lonnie Donegan and clip by Jo Jo Zep & The Falcons 'Act of Love' and performance by Joni Mitchell.
05 05 1978
Marshall Tucker Band live performance, location unknown,The Ferrets video clip 'Spotlight',The Angels video clip 'Down On Me',Chick Corea video clip,Joan Armatrading live performance (NM studio?),Harry Chapin recording studio performance.
26 05 1978
27 12 1978
19 06 1980
Midnight Oil Nightmoves concert live from the Melbourne Showgrounds 19/06/1980. Set list :No reaction,Run by night,No time for games,Is it now ,Section 5,Koala sprint,Surfing with a spoon, Back on the boarderline,Waltzing Matlida,Stand in line,Cold cold change,Don't wanna be the one , Powderworks,Used and abused.
06 09 1980
04 03 1982
Jo Kennedy 'Body & Soul' video clip,Divinyls 'Boys In Town' NM live performance,The Clash 'Radio Clash' video clip,Ultravox video clip and I/V with Kirstie,David Bowie 'Wild Is The Wind' video clip,Japan 'Visions Of China' video clip ,The Cure 'Charlotte Sometimes' video clip,The Police 'Montserrat TV program' on location interviews - fly on the wall style with rehearsals,9. Lee closes the program.
02 09 1982
Genesis 'I Can Feel It' video clip,NM studio Live performance 'Stay Away From Sarah',Various video clips,Boys Next Door video clip 'Shivers', Saints 'I'm Stranded' colour video clip.
21 04 1983
 Jennifer Halliday video clip,Journey 'Separate Ways' video clip,Saga (Canadian) video clip, Led Zeppelin 'Dazed & Confused' live performance,I/V with Led Zeppelin on boat re the film,Live performance Led Zeppelin, Mark Knopfler video clip,Video clip,Oz Profile Split Enz Intro,Split Enz video clips,Kid Creole & The Coconuts video clip,The Doors video clips 'Light My Fire' +1 -- ,Lene Lovich 'Its You, Only You' video clip,Hunters & Collectors video clip,Nightmoves Nightmail ,apan 'Visions Of China' video clip.
28 04 1983
The Greg Kihn Band -- 'Jeopardy' video clip,Marianne Faithful 'Intrigue' video clip, Pat Benetar video clip,The Boys Next Door 'Shivers' video clip,Oz Profile Jo Jo Zep and The Falcons,Security 'Walk On By' video clip,Neil Young 'Goldrush' live. Location?, Ignatius Jones 'Whispering your name' video clip, Ric Ocasek 'Something To Grab For' video clip, Nightmail,Bob Dylan 'Hurricane' live performance.
05 05 1983
video clip 'Total Eclipse of the Heart' by Bonnie Tyler, Wendy & The Rocketts performance of 'Talking to You' (recorded for Nightmoves in March 1982), interview with Wendy Stapleton and Adrian from Wendy & The Rocketts about recording their first album in England, video clip 'Play the Game', video clip 'Pressure Sway' by the Machinations, video clip 'Light in the Tunnel' by Canadian band Red Rider, video clip 'Crimes of Passion' by Canadian band Rough Trade, in Nightmoves Oz Profile Richard Clapton is featured with video clip 'Suit Yourself' and 'Deep Water' live studio performance and video Clip 'The Best Years of Our Lives' and Tina Turner video clip 'Acid Queen' from the feature film 'Tommy'. Lee Simon introduces La Femme's 'Lonely" self financed video clip and talks about the importance of video clips. This is followed by Roxy Music 'Can't Let Go' live performance video and Randy Newman 'I Love LA' video clip, Nightmail,video clip 'Rock this Town'Stray Cats.
09 05 1983
Spliz Enz' goodbye 'Enz With A Bang!' tour.
23 05 1983
The Thompson Twins video clip 'Love On Your side',INXS Stop the Drop concert at Melb Myer Music Bowl 'To Look At You',Midnight Oil 'Short Memory' from Stop the Drop Festival Myer Music Bowl,Video clip Lena Lovich followed by interview, Elton John 'I'm Still Standing' video clip,Oz Profile: John Swann: Swanee 2 songs video clips,Swanee 'Lady What's Your Name' recorded live for NM,Girl's School 'Race With the Devil' NM live recording, Peter Tosh 'Johnnie Be Good' video clip ,Tom Petty 'I Need To Know' video clip 'You Got Lucky' video clip,Tears For Fears "Change" video clip,Nightmail segment Divinyls "Boys In Town" recorded live for NM
26 05 1983
Real Life 'Send Me An Angel' video clip,'The Call' video clip,Nightmoves live performance Gold Rush 'Sweet Elysse',Rose Tattoo 'Bad Boy For Love' live performance,Rose Tattoo video clip, Rose Tattoo 'Branded' video clip,DD Smash (NZ) Repetition recorded live NM Studio?,DD Smash video clip ,The Nylons 'That Kind Of Man' video clip,The Radiators video clip,The Kinks 'Come Dancing' video clip,Joy Division 'Love Will Tear Us Apart' video clip
06 06 1983
Ray Charles '3/4 Time' video clip,Dave Edmunds 'Slippin Away' video clip + another, ZZ Top Video clip,Ellen Foley Video clips, Oz Profile Little River Band video clip.
13 06 1983
Pink Floyd 'The Final Cut' video clip,Iggy Pop Special 2 video clips 'Loco Mosquito' and 'Dog Food',Espionage video clip 'Sound of Breaking Hearts',Tom Petty 'Change Of Heart' video clip,Oz Profile INXS Intro,Just Keep Walking', 'Stay Young' and 'To Look At You' INXS clips,Paul Simon live performance 'Slip Sliding Away',Deep Purple 'Burn' & 'Smoke on The Water' live performances ,Tim Finn 1st solo album Escapades 'A Fraction Too Much Friction',Styx video clip 'Heavy Metal Poisoning',Alice Cooper video clip 'How you Gonna See Me Now'.
18 06 1984
A special about the American band The Doors on the anniversary of the death of Jim Morrison.
09 07 1984
 A documentary about Joan Armatrading in which Joan travels back to the West Indies for Independence celebrations. The film includes a few live performances in Sydney.
27 07 1984
Bob Marley
15 10 1984
Midnight Oil 'Short Memory' live performance,Richard Clapton live at Billboard in Melbourne, Stephen Cummings 'Another Kick In The Head' video clip,The Machinations 'No Say In It' video clip ,The Church 'Constant In Opal' video clip,Nightmoves News (Boy George, Perfect Match, Heroine..) ,Dragon video clip,Hunters & Collectors NM live performance 'The Slab', 'Carry Me' (intercut with Australian landscapes),The All Nighter's 'Screaming Dreaming' video clip,Non Stop Dancers 'Shake This City' video clip,INXS 'Burn For You' video clip,Rose Tatoo 'I Wish' Video Clip,Deckchairs Overboard 'Walking In The Night' video clip,Kam Shar 'He Will Sleep' video clip,Jimmy Barnes video clip.
19 11 1984
ZZ Top video clip,Rolling Stones Video Re-Wind clips,Madonna video clip,Nightmoves News,Various Video clips,NM live performance Dynamic Hypnotics 'The Hypno Beat' + 1,Angels 'Shadow Boxer' live performance,Gangajang 'Give Me Some Loving' video clip, QED video clip ,Dan Hartman 'We Are The Young' video clip,The Cars 'Lets Go' live performance.