nederpopzien episode guide


Infos mostly coming from Richard Groothuizen

21 11 1973
Lemming i feel free
BeeHive music is music
Drs P de veerpont
Kayak see see the sun
Kayak mammoth
Kayak trust in the machine
Kayak lyrics
Kayak touch
Kayak they get to know me

19 12 1973
Wally Tax miss wonderful
Jacques Plafond le credo du paysan
Drs P oud en nieuw
Focus hocus pocus
Focus hamburger concierto
Focus house of the king

16 01 1974
Drs P kattekwaad
Jan Akkerman brittania
Cuby & Blizzards night train
Cuby & Blizzards checking up on my baby
Cuby & Blizzards somebody will know somdeday
Cuby & Blizzards distant smile
Cuby & Blizzards hobo blues

13 02 1974
Drs P elfstedentocht
Johnny Kendall & The Herards st james infirmary
Mayfly remember
Mayfly 1 intermezzo
Mayfly 2 intermezzo
Mayfly she leaveth me
Mayfly la bella
Mayfly dolly
Mayfly waling up
Mayfly please
Mayfly butterfly

13 03 1974
Grass just one loser
Drs P sneeker cafe
Dizzy Man's Band money the phoney
Dizzy Man's Band fire
Dizzy Man's Band the show
Dizzy Man's Band shocking
Alice Cooper hello hurray (on film)

10 04 1974
Les Baroques without feeling whithout mind
Drs P oost groningen
Livin'Blues shady girl
Livin'Blues great grandfather
Livin'Blues i'm coming home
Livin'Blues lb boogie
Livin'Blues black night

08 05 1974
Drs P het mooie oude ambacht
Pantherman pantherman
Alquin the dance
Alquin to wake up a friend
Alquin tv queen
Alquin new guinea shuffle
Alquin soft eyed woman

05 06 1974
Drs P oefening
Armand een beetje vriendelijkheid
Peter & Zijn Rockets conny
Peter & Zijn Rockets rock & roll groupie
Peter & Zijn Rockets angeline
Peter & Zijn Rockets de hele stad is hele stad
Peter & Zijn Rockets hela
Peter & Zijn Rockets prima donna
Peter & Zijn Rockets kom van dat dak af

03 07 1974
Kayak hopeful life
Kayak they get to know me
Cuby & Blizzards know someday
Cuby & Blizzards johnny b goode
Cuby & Blizzards touch
Focus hocus pocus
Jan Akkerman brittania

31 07 1974
Mayfly la belle
Mayfly she leaveth me
Dizzy Man's Band the show
Dizzy Man's Band de boerderij
Livin'Blues lb boogie
Alquin i'm coming home
Alquin soft eyed woman
Alquin new guinea sunrises

28 08 1974
Ekseption sunny revival
Ekseption bingo bingo
Ekseption nightwalk
Ekseption from ekseption
Ekseption smokey sunset
Ekseption touch
Ekseption session

25 09 1974
Fungus barbey o'neill cook in
Fungus th kitchen loch leven castle
Fungus rijke boer
Fungus a lover at sea
Fungus de ruiter
Fungus ye mariners all
Fungus ijzeren man
Fungus langbonken mieghimmels
Fungus poor ditching boy
Fungus farewell to whisky
Fungus kaap'ren varen

05 10 1974
Trace gaillarde
Trace progression
Trace memory largo
Trace tabu

02 11 1974
Decennium don't let it go down
Decennium look down
Decennium a hard road
Decennium all in one
Decennium song for the sad times

30 11 1974
Solution black pearl
Solution finger ease
Solution divergence
Solution third line
Solution chappaqua

20 12 1974
Galaxy Lin curiosa
Galaxy Lin rain and snow
Galaxy Lin i know my baby
Galaxy Lin boy for sale
Galaxy Lin hunting song
Galaxy Lin utopia
Galaxy Lin travelling song

22 02 1975
Sight improvisation
Trace gaillarde
Ekseption fantasy
Kayak bulldoze
Electric Tear rainy afternoon
Electric Tear charley
Electric Tear she's got the power
Electric Tear blue
Electric Tear first love
Electric Tear benjamin
Electric Tear politician

22 03 1975
Brainbox summertime
Brainbox sinner's prayer
Brainbox baby what you want me to do
Brainbox sea of delight
Brainbox scarborough fair
Brainbox reason to believe
Brainbox dark rose

19 04 1975
Bintangs hobo man
Bintangs cold war generation kid
Bintangs agnes grey
Bintangs do john
Bintangs hand made high heeled flash coloured boots
Bintangs if you need me
Bintangs hold on
Bintangs gone death train

17 05 1975
Kayak welcome
Kayak alibi
Kayak moutain too rough
Kayak bulldozer
Kayak said no word
Kayak wintertime
Kayak moments of joy
Kayak we are not amused
Kayak bury the world
Kayak explosion