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16 02 1985
Red Hot Chili Peppers "True men don't kill coyote"
The Bangles  "Going down to Liverpool" (video)& concert sample
Blood On The Saddle "I'm gonna steal you" et "Rank and life"
Knitters"Wreckin ball"
Lone Justice  "Soap, soup and salvation", "East of eden", "Wait'till get home"

13 04 1985
The Minutemen  "this ain't no picnic" (video)"themselves", "the glory of man"
Diamond Dave
Violent Femmes  "black girls", "blister in the sun"
The Del Fuegos  "missing you"
The Blasters "I'm shakin'", "dark night"

15 06 1985
Ray Manzarek interview
Rickie Lee Jones interview
Randy Andy  "the people livin' in the USA"
The Pandoras "felt all right"
Tupelo Chain Sex  "doctor nightcall"
The Vandals  "urban struggle", "ladykiller"

05 10 1985
Sting  "love in the seventh wave" (video)
Tears for Fears "shout" (video)
Dire Straits "Money for nothing" (video)
Madonna  "into the groove"? "dress you up" (on film)
Chris Isaak "diddley daddy", "blue hotel", "TV in the jungle"
Husker Du "pink turns to blue", "eight miles high"

02 11 1985
Nick Kershaw

11 01 1986
Scorpions "world wild live"
Iron Maiden "Peter's Pop Show"
15 02 1986
The Minutemen  "History Lesson"
Black Flag  "Black Love".
Jonathan Richman  "Give Paris one more chance" , "Chewing gum Wrapper"
Marshall Crenshaw  "Yvonne"
Meat Puppets  "Bucket Head", "Up on the sun" ,"Maiden's Milk"

28 02 1986
Screamin Jay Hawkins

15 03 1986
The King Bees chantent "Cowboy in the NIght"
The Rave Ups "Shut Up" et "Remenber".
Hollywood Hillbillys "It's My Dust" et "The Running Kid"
The Beat Farmers "Happy Boy"
The Knitters "Surprise Surprise" et "Someone Like You"

28 06 1986
Bob Seger chante "American Storm"
Van Halen "Why can't this be love"
Whitney Houston "Greatest love of all"
Rhoads "Make your move"
Pygmies "Shade" et "Home again"
10 000 Maniacs "Can't ignore the train" et "My mother the war"

09 08 1986
Ry Cooder "Crossroads"(video)

20 09 1986
The Fabulous Birds " left and right on whisky ŗ gogo"
The Fabulous Birds "Surprise, surprise"
The Fabulous Birds"The hungry wolf"
The Fabulous Birds "Year one". 
Cook Robin "Though you were on my side"

11 10 1986
Lone Justice "my old love" (sample)
Lone Justice "little bit of heaven" (from Palace d'Hollywood)
Lone Justice "soap soup and salvation"
Lone Justice "wait'ill we get home" (from Palomino).

18 10 1986
Police "Don't stand so close to me" (video)
Martha and the vandellas "Dancing in the streets" (archives)
Paul Young "Wonderland"(video)
Stranglers "Always the sun"(video)

15 11 1986
Huew Lewis and the News  "Stuck with you"
Bon Jovi  "You give love a bad name"
Boston  "Amanda" 
John Fogerty  "Eye of the zombie" , "Change in the weather". 
Oingo Boingo  "No one lives forever" "Stay" , "So long" 
Eddie Money "Take me home tonight"

13 12 1986
Paul Simon " The boy in the bubble " 
1974 Queen play" Killer " 
Genesis 1984 tour report
report Dire Strait" in IsraŽl "

01 02 1987
Paul Simon "Homeless", "Grace land" (video)
David and David "Boomtown" (video)
Guadalcanal Diary  "Dead eyes" & "Jamboree" on stage
Little Kings "I confess" in concert
Jane's Addiction "Had a Dad"

21 02 1987
Cinderella "Nobody's fool" (video)
Bangles "Let it go" (video)
Bon Jovi "Living on a prayer" 
Grateful dead on stage "Sugaree" 
Angst  "Standing here alone" 
Camper Van Beethoven"Take the skinheads bowling", "Good guys, bad guys" ,"Jo Stalin's cadillac" 
Slovenly "Movement".

14 04 1987
Crowded House interview
Ganja Jang interview Dramarama  "Anything, anything", "some crazy dame", "new dream"
Dancing Pleasure  "pleasure"
Imitation Life  "she's just a taker"

16 05 1987
K D Lang & Reelines "Ray Dirt", "Turn me round"
Chris Isaac "Hotel", "Wild love", "You took my heart"
Rave Ups "These wishes"

13 06 1987
Fleetwood Mac: "Big love" (video)
Poison "I want action" , "Talk dirty to me" (video)
Concrete Blonde"Still in Hollywood" (on stage)"Run, run, run" (on stage) "Little sister"
Fire Hose "Brave captain".
Dream Syndicate: "That's what you always say" (on stage)

18 08 1987
best of
 K D Lang and the Reclines "Turn me round" from Roxy West Hollywood
Blood on the saddle "Promise your heart to me"
Jane's Addiction "Had a had"
The Pandoras "Hungry for you" from Variety Arts Center Downtown Hollywood.
Violent femmes "Faith" at San Diego university
Tex and the horseheads "Spider and the peach" from Blitz Hollywood.
Charlie Sexton "Impressed" at UCLA Westwood.
Chris Isaac "Gone ridin'" from Roxy West Hollywood.
Concrete blonde "Still in Hollywood" at Whiskey West Hollywood.
Dramarama "Anything, anything" at contry club Reseda
Oingo boingo "Not my slave" at Irvine Meadows

14 11 1987
sample of montreux festival 1987
Brian Ferry "Right stuff"(video)

28 11 1987

02 01 1988  best of Peter's Pop Show

16 04 1988