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02 10 1988
Acid House, DJ Automatic Tee (interview), Pixies "Gigantic", "River Euphrates", "Where is my mind", "Tired", Kid 'n Play "Gettin' Funky"(videoclip),
The Eddy Cochran Experience "Cherished memories".

16 10 1988
Esther Jansma (interview), Public Enemy (live & interview), Neil Young "This note's for you".

30 10 1988
Golden Earrings,  Kristi Rose & The Midnight Walkers"Some people", "Let's make history", "Man among men" (interview),John Hiatt "Georgia Rae",
Kings of the Sun "Black leather"(videoclip), Herman Brood"Groovin" (videoclip)Keith Richards "Take it so hard"(videoclip), James Brown "I'm real"(videoclip).

13 11 1988
Reflud "Reflud Rap","Dog shit", "Vexing", Fishbone  "Slow bus movin'", Metallica( interview),  Miss Nicky Trax"Acid in the house" (New Beat).

27 11 1988

11 12 1988
Arjen de Vreede (interview), Original Concept(interview), Gang Green (interview) Brian Dougans "Humanoid"(videoclip),
Sugarcubes "Deus", "Cold sweat","Motorcrash".

25 12 1988

08 01 1989
Nitzer Ebb"Control I'm here","Let your body learn", "violent playground",( interview), The Pogues "Yeah yeah yeah"(videoclip), Les Zazous "Play with fire".

22 01 1989
05 02 1989

19 02 1989
LUL  "No escape", "Eggon" (interview), SE Rogie "I wish I was a cowboy",Prong "Third from the sun", "Mind the gap",
Vervolg Optreden "Decay", "Freezer burn".

05 03 1989
Urban Dance Squad "No KiD" (sample live), Cowboy Junkies "Sweet Jane" (videoclip), Astral Bodies  (interview),"Just like everybody else"(videoclip),
My Bloody Valentine (interview), "Feed me your kiss"(videoclip), Naked Prey "The story never ends".

19 03 1989

02 04 1989
The Mute Drivers "Holy Moses","Sad but true", Henry Rollins (interview), They Might Be Giants "Anna NG" (videoclip),
De La Soul (interview) "The magic number", "Plug tunin'", "Me, myself and I".

16 04 1989

23 04 1989
The Pixies (interview) Black Francis, Front 242"Front by front" (videoclip), Dinosaur Jr."Freak Scene"(videolcip),The Trashmen "Surfin Bird" (videoclip).

07 05 1989
Urban Dance Squad & Rude Boy: "Freestyle",  "Underground", The Specials"A message to you Rudy"(videoclip), L.L. Cool J. "I can't live without my radio" (videoclip),
Public Enemey "Prophets of rage", "Night of the living baseheads", De La Soul: "Potholes in my lawn","Me, myself and I".

21 05 1989
MTC (interview), "Check your soul" (videoclip), LUL (interview),"Colony".(videoclip), Astral Bodies: "It can happen to you" (videoclip),
The Nits & Claw Boys Claw met "In the Dutch mountains".

08 10 1989
Bad Brains "With the quickness","The prophet's eye", "I against I", Red Hot Chili Peppers  "Ball & Chain", "Take me to your bathroom",
"Castles made of sand".

22 10 1989
05 11 1989

19 11 1989
Dessau "Isolation"(videoclip), Pestilence, Funky Beats uit de Bijlmermeer, Chris Isaak, Cateran "Tina", John Cale "I keep a close watch","Fear is a man's best friend".

03 12 1989

17 12 1989
Stiff Little Fingers, Joy Division, James White & The Contortions,  Götterdämmerrung 2000 met "The Birthday Party", Tuxedomoon "Hugging the earth"(videoclip),
Candy Dulfer  (interview), Miker G(interview), "All star fresh", De DIV "Take me to your heart", Dennis Bell (interview), Nick Cave (interview), John Hiatt (interview),
Red Hot Chili Peppers "Me and my friends", Urban Dance Squad met "Little prayer", Napalm Death, Lieutenant Stitchie, Fatal Flowers, House of Freaks, 
Ramones, Neil Young.

14 01 1990
Scamps "Surfer Joe and Moe the Sleaze", Plastic Dolls "Expecting to fly", Neil Young (Amsterdam 1989)"Heart of Gold", "Rockin' in the free world", (Oslo 1977), 
"Like a hurricane", (1971 concert)"A man needs a maid", "Cowgirl in the sand", "Down by the river".

28 01 1990

11 02 1990
George Clinton & the P-funk All Stars(detroit concert 1976) "Tear the roof off the sucker","Pump it up", "Maggot Brain".

25 02 1990
Think Tree  "Hire a bird", "Holy cow", "Prison dwellers", the Nozems "Never the same", Surkus "Electronic Lovebug", "Money Grow",
Red Hot Chili Peppers "Subway to Venus", "Yertle the Turtle", "Stone cold bush", Young MC "Bust the move"(videoclip).

11 03 1990
Fatal Flowers "She's doing fine", "Someday", Howlin' Wilf, Consolidated "Product", "America # 1", The Cramps  "What's inside a girl", "Her love ribbed off",
"Can your pussy do the dog".

25 03 1990
Jesus Jones"What would you know", "Never enough", Eleventh Dream Day"Testify",Jesus & DJ Zero "I'm going straight to heaven"(videoclip), Napalm Death,
The Cramps "Tear it up", Graham Parker"Blue highways", "My love strong", The Jungle Brothers "Feelin' allright" en "What d waiting 4",
A Tribe Called Quest met "I left my wallet in el secundo".

08 04 1990
22 04 1990