eddy go round show 1973 1974 episode guide


1975 1976

Infos mostly coming from Richard Groothuizen

12 10 1973   
Jackie Gerard Happiness 
Saskia & Serge Zachte Zuidenwind 
Grass Colour Blind 
Lynsey de Paul Doctor Doctor  
Lynsey de Paul Won't Somebody Dance With Me?   
Michael Sherman Sadie  
Katja Ebstein Der Stern Von Mykonos  
Steve Rowland & Family Dogg Sympathy   
Mac & Katie Kissoon Freedom  
Mac & Katie Kissoon Song For Everybody  
Mac & Katie Kissoon Love Will Keep Us Together
9 november 1973  
Nick MacKenzie Juanita  
Anne Marie David Comme Une Valse  
Shamrock Send Me The Pillow  
Demis RoussosSchones Madchen Aus Arcadia   
Sandra & AndressDzing Boem Te Ra Ta  
Jimmy Helms Jack Horners Holiday  
Sven & CharlotteSandy  
Vicky Leandros Die Bouzouki   
Vicky Leandros Le Lac Majeur  
Vicky Leandros Meine Freunde Sind Die Traume

07 12 1973 
Jackpot Is Everybody Happy? 
Euson Our Last Song Together
Ciska Peters Viva Lamour 
Dave Dean The Mao 
Dave Dean You Wont 
New Seekers Find Another Fool 
John D Bryant Peace Will Be Mine 
Alexander Curly Dear Mrs Meyer
Petula Clark My Love 
Petula Clark Wedding Song 
Petula Clark Silver Spoon
04 01 1974 
Little Town Brassband Twos Company  
Andy Starr Melanie 
Peters & Lee By Your Side 
Nicky Is There Stiil lime 
Rocco Granada Daar Gaat Mijn Grootpapa 
Kiki Dee Amoureuse 
Daniel Boone Sky Diver 
Freddy Breck Uberali Auf Der Welt 
Freddy Breck Rote Rosen 
Freddy Breck Ha Li Ha Lo

01 02 1974 
Cindy & Bert Spaniens Gitarren 
Bojoura The Letter 
Springfield Revival Marna Was Right Ail Along 
Sonny Reeder Can Vou Feel It 
Art Sullivan Adieu Sois Heureuse 
Force Majeure Kiele Kiele Koeweit 
Hollies The Air That I Breathe 
Nino Tempo & April Stevens Deep Purple 
Nino Tempo & April Stevens Love Story 
Nino Tempo & April Stevens Who Turns Me On
01 03 1974 
Mac & Katie Kissoon Hey Diddle Diddle  
Nick McKenzie Peaches On A Tree 
Judy Pulver Dancing On The Moon 
Teach In Fly yAway 
Hurricane Smith To Make You My Baby 
Roger Baeten Blijf Bij Mij 
Mouth & MacNeal 1k Zie Een Ster 
Neil Sedaka A Little Lovin' 
Gilbert O'Sullivan Happiness Is Me And You 
Gilbert O'Sullivan Who Knows, Perhaps Maybe

29 03 1974 
Classics Gimmie That Horse 
Classics gouden plaatuitreiking 
Classics voor Lady In Spain 
Peret Canta Y Se Feliz 
Paperlace Billy Dont Be A Hero 
Cape Canary West Virginia 
James Lloyd Je T'aime Je T'aime Cherie 
Dave Cartwright Nights 0f Magic Dave Cartwright
Lenny Kuhr Searching 
Cats Be My Day 
Chris Andrews Yesterday Man 
Chris AndrewsPretty Belinda 
Chris Andrews I Love Ya

26 04 1974 
Fortunes You've Got Your Troubles  
Pierre Groscolas Lady Lay 
Polis & Les Helleniques Bella Ella 
Ruby Carmichael Little Yellow Shop 
Next One To All Your Friends 
Euson Leon 
Abba Waterloo 
Chris Montez Let's Dance 
Chris Montez Ay No Digas 
Chris Montez Amore Y Pas

24 05 1974 
Cats Lets Dance 
Cats Love In Your Eyes 
Cats Love Triangle 
Bobby Vee Take Good Care 0f My Baby 
Bobby Vee Run To Him 
Bobby Vee The Night Has A Thousand Eyes
Three Degrees Dirty Ol' Man 
Three Degrees When Will I See You Again 
Three Degrees Year 0f Decision 
Cliff Richard The Day I Met Marie 
Cliff Richard Hanging On 
Cliff Richard Take Me High

21 06 1974 FLASHBACK
New Seekers You Wont Find Another Fool 
Charlie Rich Most Beautiful Girl 
Katja Ebstein Der Stern Von Mykonos 
Steve Rowland & Family Dogg Sympathy  
Nino Tempo & April Stevens Who Turns Me On  
Udo Jurgens Das Lied Das Nie Zo Ende Geht 
Cape Canary West Virginia 
Big Secret Desert Train 
Fortunes You've Got Your Troubles
Sandra & Andres Follow Me 
Sandra & Andres Killing Me Softly 
Sandra & Andres Land 0f Gold 
Sandra & Andres You Believed

19 07  1974 FLASHBACK
Chris Andrews Pretty Bellinda 
Vicky Leandros Le Lac Majeur 
Dave Dee, Dozy,Beaky Mick & Tich Legend Of Xanadu
Gilbert O'Sullivan Who Knows,Perhaps Maybe
Jaap Dekker's Boogie Woogie Set Honky Tonk Train Blues
Jaap Dekker's Boogie Woogie Set Over The Mountain
Jaap Dekker's Boogie Woogie Set Arrival
Donny Osmond Young Love
Mac & Katie Kissoon Love Will Keep Us Together
Hollies The Air That I Breathe
Whistling Jack Smith I Was The Kaiser Bill's Batman
Lynsey De Paul Won't Somebody Dance With Me?
Bee Gees New York Missing Disaster 1941
Cliff Richard Take Me High

16 08 1974 FLASHBACK
Abba Waterloo
Kiki Dee Amoureuse
Beatles We Can Work It Out
Petula Clark Wedding Song
Pierre Groscolas Lady Lay
Sonny & Cher Little Man
Freddy Breck Ha Li Ha Lo
Three Degrees Year Of Decision
Donny Osmond Puppy Love
Bobby Vee The Night Has A Thousand Eyes 
Lulu The Boat That I Row 
Bolland & Bolland Wait For The Sun 
Bolland & Bolland Summer 0f '71 
Bolland & Bolland Mexico I Can't Say Goodbye 

17 10 1974 
Chris Roberts Ich Bin Verliebt In Die Liebe 
Chris Roberts Du Kannst Nicht Immer 17 Sein Ich Mach En Klugliches    
Chris Roberts Madchen Aus Dir 
Martha Jeanine Darlin  
Del Shannon Runaway 
Del Shannon Little Town Flirt 
Del Shannon And The Music Plays 
Olivia Newton-John Long Live Love 
Olivia Newton-JohnI Honestly Love You 
Olivia Newton-John If Vou Love Me Love Me Know 
Albert Hammond I'm A Train It Neyer Rains In 
Albert Hammond Southern California 
Albert Hammond Everything I WantTo Do

14 11 1974
Frank IfieidI Remember You 
Frank Ifieid California Cotton Fields 
Frank Ifieid Joanna 
Ron J. Winchester Albany 
Albert West Rhythm 0f The Rain
Albert West Simone 
Dave Berry This Strange Effect 
Dave Berry My Baby Left Me 
Vicky leandros Rot Ist Die Liebe 
Vicky leandros Exodus (Mein Lied For Dich)  
Vicky leandros Theo Wir Fahren Nach Lodz

12 12 1974 
Ben Cramer Zai Zai Zai
Ben Cramer Het Zal Bij Jou Altijd Zomer Zijn  
Ben Cramer Winter 
Amie McKay Crying In The Rai 
Dana All Kinds 0f Everything Dana
Dana Please Tell Him That I Said Hello 
Euson The Lady Came From Baltimore 
Euson Leon 
The Platters Only You 
The Platters The Great Pretender 
The Platters Personality